Live Guided Yoga With Marisa Martin

We're slowing down on yoga, but will be back soon!

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I took Marisa's yoga class for over a year in New York City. I never really knew what to expect, as yoga was new for me, but it had a big impact on my mental health. Sure, yoga is a workout too, but it is crazy how even an hour of yoga a week can give you an incredible recharge, both mentally and emotionally.

I am very excited that Marisa will be leading our community in guided yoga classes, streamed via live video to living rooms worldwide. There is no cost or requirements to join, this is simply a time for us to come together once a week to relax, breathe, and sweat.

Add it to your calendar, invite everyone, drink lots of water beforehand, and I'll see you at the next class. I can't wait!

Matt Schlicht
Chief Executive Officer, Octane AI