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Live Yoga With Marisa Martin - Tuesdays @ 2PM PT / 5PM ET

Just because gyms, group classes, and everything else is shut down right now, doesn't mean we can't still come together and take a moment for ourselves.

We are hosting a free LIVE guided yoga class for the community every Tuesday! Join in from your living room and let's do yoga as a community.

Everyone is welcome. See you there!


Happy Hour Video Chat - Thursdays @ 2PM PT / 5PM ET

Let's lighten things up a bit! We are hosting weekly happy hours via video chat and you are all invited. This is not like any other happy hour you have ever attended, and we think you're really going to enjoy it.

Pour yourself a drink, put your favorite sweat pants on, and join us every Thursday for some pure social fun time.

Can't wait to see you there!


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There are tens of thousands of Shopify entrepreneurs eager to connect and share information. You might be good at figuring out things on your own, but we're always stronger together.

We manage an up to date list of the top Shopify communities. Take a look and see which ones sounds like a fit for you.


Listen to The Newest Episodes From The Top Shopify Podcasts

Every week there are countless ideas, pitfalls, tips, and insights shared on ecommerce and Shopify podcasts. Invaluable information at our fingertips.

To make this information more accessible we are aggregating the top ecommerce podcasts in one place. Think of this page as the home page of ecommerce podcasts. We'll keep it updated when new episodes come out. Enjoy!